Народно читалище "Академик Андрей Стоянов"


"Andrei Stoyanov" Community
and Music Center with the partnership of
National Music Academy "Pancho Vladigerov"
and Sofia Municipality "Oborishte" District under the patronage of Mayor Y. Fikirliyska

VI International PIANO Competition

A. Stoyanov
"The noblest service of the art is to lead the human progress toward sensible, harmonious and happy life.
...art, which inflames positive emotions and creative spirit and moves people toward more charitable acts in the society."
"If music is existing only for simple enjoyment without further influence on people, I never would agree to waste my time with it. I find that music has a much higher purpose.
Therefore I decided to work and sow this sacred art in our dear homeland Bulgaria."
A. Stoyanov
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1.The VI International Competition “Andrei Stoyanov” is open to all pianists of any age and nationality who study piano privately, at a local music school, in a music program at their regular grade or high school, or at a specialized music institution - pre-college or collegiate (groups I - VI)
2. Date and location: Online recordings, Uploaded to YouTube, link sent up to 31.10.2020
Events, open for public:
Opening concert
recital prof. Rostislav Yovchev, PhD
Pieces by Andrei Stoyanov
Concert hall in National Music Academy “Pancho Vladigerov” (map), 10.11.2020
Concert of prizewinners –
Concert hall in National Music Academy “Pancho Vladigerov” (map), 15.11.2020
3. The international jury includes well-known pianists and pedagogue from Bulgaria and abroad.
4. First Prize Winners of previous editions of the competition will be not allowed to take part in the same group in actual edition.
5. It is possible for a candidate from an amateur music institution to take part in a group of specialized music institution or in higher age group, presenting the repertoire and duration of the program with the requirements of the upper age group.
6. Competition program

Piano solo (all groups except 6b)
a) obligatory piece from Andrei Stoyanov
b) free chosen works
N.B. The pieces of the solo program could be played with a score (for amateur groups only).
6b group
a) A. Stoyanov – Sonatina
b) L.v. Beethoven – I mov. from piano sonata (except op. 49 N1, 2, op. 53, op. 57, op. 81a and last 5 sonatas)
c) Free chosen works
Piano ensembles
a) free chosen works
N.B. The pieces from the ensemble program have to be played with a score.
The duration of the executed program - depending on the age of the performers, but not more than 15 minutes.

In 2020 the music world celebrates the following anniversaries:
  • 130 years from the birth of Andrei Stoyanov,
  • 250 years from the birth of L.v. Beethoven,
  • 210 years from the birth of Fr. Chopin,
  • 180 years from the birth of P. Tchaikovsky.
Contestants may optionally include in their free chosen program  works by the above mentioned composers. Special cash prizes will be distributed for the best performance of their works.

All contestants will receive diplomas for participation. The prize winners (first, second and third prize) of each group will receive medal and  cash or non-cash prizes.


a) Piano solo
Years old
(completed until 31.10.2020)
Max timing / minutes
Piano solo
Up to 7
Up to 9
Up to 11
Up to 13
5а *
Up to 15
5b **
Up to 15
6a *
Up to 19
6b **
Up to 19
7a *
Up to 25
7b ***
Up to 25
No age limit
Piano ensembles
No age limit
* for those who do not study at specialized music institutions
** for those who study at specialized music institutions
*** for those who study at specialized music institutions, but are not majoring in piano

b) Piano ensembles (two or more participants) - No age limit

1. Special application form, directly uploaded in the site.
The completed application form must be accompanied by the following documents:
  • Official document issued by the school (specialized or regular), confirming the participants age and grade
  • A picture of the candidate in a good resolution
  • A complete and unedited video recording of the contestant’s competition repertoire, uploaded on YouTube, must be submitted with the application. The link to the video must be included underneath the contestant’s selection of pieces in the “Free chosen works” section of the application form. The video recording must be labeled with the contestants full name and  competition age group/category.
  • Bank document showing transfer of the application fee of 30 euros (for piano solo)  and 50 euros (for piano ensemble)
    Municipal Bank, IBAN – BG10SOMB91301028616501, BIC - SOMBBGSF
All completed documents must be received until October 31, 2020.
Additional Info:
tel: +359 877 13 51 15, or +359 882443411  
All the information, or scores you need, could be found on the official site of the “Andrei Stoyanov” Community and Music Center at http://nchstoianov.com


Our address is:
“Andrei Stoyanov” Community and Music center
62 Iskar str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

tel:+359 877 135115, or +359 882 443411 (speaking languages English, French or Spanish)

All the information, or scores you need, could be found on the official site of the "Andrei Stoyanov" Community and Music Center at http://nchstoianov.com, (Contacts page)
Народно читалище "Академик Андрей Стоянов"
Адрес Адрес:
ул. Искър 62, София 1000
Телефон Тел.: 02 983 3433
Имейл Имейл: nchstoianov@abv.bg
"Andrei Stoyanov" Community and Music center
Адрес Address: 62 Iskar str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Телефон Phone: +359 882443411 (English, French, Spanish)
Имейл e-mail: nchstoianov@abv.bg